Medtech in the UK and Google’s Quest for A Depression Biomarker

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Lead Stories: November 2020

More Bioelectronic Medicine Headlines From November

  • Bioelectronic medicine is often considered the best treatment option to address conditions poorly served by pharmaceutical or surgical interventions. However, the sector is fragmented, as “only a couple of small companies compete against each other in over a dozen therapeutic areas.” Cala Health and Neuromod Devices are noted for their non-invasive peripheral nerve stimulation technologies for essential tremor and tinnitus, respectively.
  • The European Union certified that ActiPatch and RecoveryRx meet its health, safety, and environmental standards. ActiPatch “is indicated for the treatment of general musculoskeletal/soft-tissue pain, while RecoveryRx is indicated for the treatment of postoperative pain.”
  • Abbot introduced its “first company-developed radiofrequency ablation system, designed to target and burn out specific nerves with heat energy to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.” The device, called the IonicRF system, was approved in Europe and has been approved by the U.S. FDA for the nonsurgical treatment of chronic pain. This story was also covered in Mass Device.
  • Florida researchers have found that “pancreatic islets are densely innervated by sensory neurons, many of vagal origin.” Researchers hope that this research will help us “treat diabetes by stimulating the vagus nerve to coerce the pancreatic beta cell to secrete insulin.”
  • Using a unique technique to capture “ a brain cell’s 3D shape, its unique electrical properties, and the suite of genes it switches on,” researchers are beginning to better understand the full “family tree” of mammal brains.
  • A small group of neurons controls the body’s immune response and the release of cytokines, which cause inflammation, researchers have discovered. Thanks to this breakthrough, we better understand how the body’s immune response is regulated by the brain.




Committed to accelerating the development and uptake of bioelectronic medicine.

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Alliance for Advancing Bioelectronic Medicine

Alliance for Advancing Bioelectronic Medicine

Committed to accelerating the development and uptake of bioelectronic medicine.

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